Well Cell provides a unique and groundbreaking patented approach called Physiologic Insulin Resensitazation where insulin is administered as a hormone rather than a drug; addressing the primary cause of Diabetes which is metabolic failure. By utilizing insulin in a manner that bio-mimics normal physiology, this modality is designed to reduce insulin resistance which helps blood sugar more readily enter each cell and be converted into energy. Increasing cellular energy allows damaged tissues and organs to grow, repair, and regenerate. Thus, our approach not only stabilizes but in many instances has reversed complications of diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

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What Patients are Reporting

Improved Neuropathy
Report Improvement in at least one diabetic complication
Report HbA1c reduction
Reduced diabetic medications
TYPICAL CARE PLAN Every patient’s degree of insulin resistance and efficiency of carbohydrate metabolism is unique; so we begin with a consultation to determine medical necessity and establish a physician-directed, individualized care plan. Each patient’s unique care plan typically includes an “Induction Phase” of 2 infusions per week and reducing to 1 per week for about 90 days, and a “Maintenance Phase” focused on finding the balance between an optimized metabolism and insulin sensitivity while extending as much time as possible between treatments. Typically, our Type 2 Diabetic, Prediabetic, and Nondiabetic patients reduce from 3-hour infusions to 2-hour and achieve four to six weeks between infusions while maintaining optimized metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover How Diabetes Relief Changes Lives
Diabetes Relief treats the root cause of diabetes—the broken metabolism. Our patented therapy closely mimics and restores the natural communication between the pancreas and the liver that has been distorted in diabetic patients. Our treatment does far more than traditional programs. Our patients report experiencing increased energy, restful sleep, diminished diabetic neuropathy, decreased medications, and lower A1c.
We create an individualized care plan based on your diabetic symptoms, metabolism, and medical history to determine the best treatment plan for you. We infuse small amounts of insulin, alternating with small ingestion of glucose, to retrain the liver to respond efficiently to the challenge of a meal.
We work with most insurance plans and, of course, Medicare. However, if we are not in-network on your plan, our insurance experts will assist you in determining coverage for your services. When we get your insurance information, we can review your policy and better answer the question.
This is a proprietary blend of natural supplements designed to boost your metabolism as you take our treatment. This contains no stimulants and does not require a prescription.
Possibly $0 based on your specific insurance coverage, but a maximum of $45.
You will meet with a member of our medical staff who will review your medical history and physical condition. This test involves no treadmill or medications. This is very important in creating your customized care plan.
Everyone is different, so we rely on your individual and personalized care plan. At your consultation, our medical staff will determine your care plan and course of treatment.
We enjoy working with your doctor. We are not a substitute and do not take you away from your current physician. We work with your doctor and keep them informed of your treatment, testing, and progress. Also, we have an OPEN LETTER TO PHYSICIANS on our Website. Please feel free to have your doctor review this information and contact us with any questions. Our Medical Directors are easily available to jointly work toward your improved health.